Marcel Buranský got a special Wasabi E as a Christmas gift. His requirements were Carbon 160/160, Carbon 50/50 elevator, reinforced fuselage. Why? Planned drive 6-8kW on 10S LiPol. Due to the ten-cell, the servos and the receiver, as well as the receiver battery, moved deep into the rear of the fuselage and the space from the motor under the wing joiner and behind the wing joiner was reserved for main batteries. We chose LiPol 10S Tattu R-Line Version 3.0 1550mAh 120C which consists of 3 sections (4+4+2). The GM F5B 18 × 24 propeller was used for the first flight and the GM 18 × 18-21 three-bladed propeller is also planned for the future. The Leomotion 4031-2050CM motor with a gearbox 6.7:1 rotates the propeller.. On the day of the maiden flight, the climb rate of the model was 75 m / s. The flight weight of the model is 3280g.