Wasabi F3F carbon 160 – flying weight from 2350g* 1250€
Wasabi F3F double carbon 160/160 – flying weight from 2500g* 1350€
Wasabi F3F double carbon 90/90 – flying Weight from 2300g* 1450€
Wasabi F3F double carbon 160/90 – flying weight from 2400g* 1400€
*take-off weights for F3f. Take-off weight with electro fuselage depend on used power unit. Take-off weigt depend on used colour scheme. For more info please contact via e-mail  
Extra charge for the fourth, fifth … colour each colour 30€
Custom color scheme 50€
Complete installation (LDS, servo, cabling)  150€
Installaton Engine and ESC unit 50€


Spare parts:

Wing carbon 160 (left or right) 400€
Wing double carbon 160/160 (left or right) 450€
Wing carbon 90 450€
Wing carbon 90/90 500€
V-tail (left or right) 110€
Fuselage without nose conus (installed V-tail linkage+V-tail joiner 220€
Elektro fuselage without canopy (installed V-tail linkage+V-tail joiner 220€
Electro fuselage canopy 20€
Glider Nose conus 50€
Wing joiner 60€
V-tail joiner 20€



Servo KST X10mini (wing) 42€
Servo KST X12-508 (V-tail) 36€
Engine AXI 2835/10 V2 gold line long 120€
ESC castle ctreations lite edge 100A 120€
Ballast Included in model price
Lead joiner ballast – cca 1500g 30€
Wing and V-Tail bags Included in model price


Spare parts – other

LDS with GFK  arms (need 4 for whole plane) 20€
Wing servo frame Carbon (need 4 for whole plane) 20€
Fuselage servo mount 10€
Cabling (wing) 20€
Cabling  (fuselage) 20€
Wing and V-tail bags 50€



Shipping cost (USA) 200€
Shipping cost (EU) 80€